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The Offspring
1989 Nemesis (5000 copies) 
             1995 Nitro 

Jennifer Lost The War|| Elders|| Out on Patrol|| Crossroads|| Demons|| Beheaded|| Tehran|| A Thousand Days|| Black Ball|| I'll Be Waiting|| Kill the President

[IGNITION] Ignition
1992 Epitaph 

Session|| We Are One|| Kick Him When He's Down|| Take It Like A Man|| Get It Right|| Dirty Magic|| Hypodermic|| Burn It Up|| No Hero|| L.A.P.D.|| Nothing From Something|| Forever And A Day

1994 Epitaph 

nitro (youth energy)|| bad habit|| gotta get away|| genocide|| something to believe in|| come out and play|| self esteem|| it'll be a long time|| killboy powerhead|| what happened to you?|| so alone|| not the one|| smash

Ixnay on the Hombre
1997 Columbia 

Disclaimer|| The Meaning of Life|| MOTA|| Me & My Old Lady|| Cool to Hate|| Leave it Behind|| Gone Away|| I Choose|| Intermission|| All I Want|| Way Down the Line|| Don't Pick it Up|| Amazed|| Change the World|| 

1998 Columbia 

Welcome || Have You Ever || Staring At the Sun || Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) || The Kids Aren't Alright || Feelings || She's Got Issues || Walla Walla || The End of the Line || No Brakes || Why Don't You Get a Job || Americana || Pay the Man

Conspiracy Of One
2000 Columbia 

Come Out Swinging || Original Prankster || Want You Bad || Million Miles Away || Dammit, I Changed Again || Living In Chaos || Special Delivery || One Fine Day || All Along || Denial, Revisited || Vultures || Conspiracy Of One